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Scalable, tailored Managed Account services for Advisers from WealthO2

Providing scalable, tailored Managed Account including automated Record of Advice (ROA) Services for Advisers.

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MA Operator as MDA Operator

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We are the provider of Managed Discretionary Account services to external MDA advisors.

Provider for an MDA Operator

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Enabling other MDA providers and their advisors.

MA Operator for RoA service

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Enabling Independent Advisers to implement personal advice.

Managed Accounts & Automated Record of Advice Services

Managed Accounts & Automated Record of Advice

MA Operator adds value to Advisers, and those providing managed account services complementing their current operational and system architecture and client servicing culture.

We don’t ask you to align to a vertically integrated service or data source model. We integrate with the licensee’s chosen broker, Bank/CMA or administrator of choice where electronic data connectivity is available. Using our proprietary software we enable greater efficiency and scale and enhanced client experience in the implementation of advice.

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Key Features

  • Efficiency and scalability with seamless flow through of investment changes in single model to multiple investment programs.
  • Scalable processing of highly tailored clients’ portfolios.
  • Market data integration of orders and portfolio and cash transactions.
  • No matter the service you choose, out fees are simple and transparent.
  • Competitive and transparent pricing for the AFSL with a maximum of 15 basis points per annum (domestic listed and cash assets).
  • Domestic listed ie ASX, managed funds and term/cash assets.
  • Advisers can offer their own models, or in conjunction with an investment manager.
  • We do not offer any “shelf” of products, are independent and provide the full suite of tools for Independent Advisers to implement, monitor and execute direct portfolios for their clients.
  • Agnostic to Broker,CMA, TD or Administrator.
  • Advisers can choose the services they need, and easily integrating into current business processes, without a major operational IT program or vendor changes.
  • Unbundled services enabling choice and independence, data connectivity and ease of integration into an AFSL’s business.
  • Tablet friendly, sophisticated analytics to help enhance the adviser-client dialogue.
  • Sophisticated proprietary rebalancing engine providing automation across tailored clients’ portfolios, whilst minimising “noise” and brokerage costs.
  • Customisable electronic client communication including ROA rebalancing authorisation and a client portal.
  • Electronic account creation and on boarding, reducing paperwork for clients and advisers.

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Independent, scalable tailored managed account services at a low cost for Advisers.

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