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Managed Accounts

Managed Accounts & Automated Record of Advice

MA Operator adds value to Advisers, and those providing managed account services complementing their current operational and system architecture and client servicing culture.

We don’t ask you to align to a vertically integrated service or data source model. We integrate with the licensee’s chosen broker, Bank/CMA or administrator of choice where electronic data connectivity is available. Using our proprietary software we are able to offer three distinct offerings:

MA Operator as MDA Operator

  • We are the provider of Managed Discretionary Account services
  • MDA Provider and MDA Manager

  • Advisers are licenced for MDA advice

  • Investors have MDA or IMA Investment Programs under an MDA Agreement
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Provider for an MDA Operator

  • Enabling other MDA providers
  • MDA Operator Pty Ltd trading as MA Operator, is providing the technology and service to a 3rd party MDA Operators

  • Advisers of the MDA Operator or external advisors

  • Investors have MDA or IMA under MDA Agreement with the MDA Operator

MA Operator for RoA service

  • Enabling Independent Advisers to implement advice (non MDA)
  • MA Operator is providing the technology and service to Advisers to deliver their investment advice
  • Adviser or appointed Investment managers manage model portfolios and APL
  • Investors have an SOA from Adviser and a direct portfolio of assets